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This is a brief overview of our facilities that allows us to deliver excellence to our customers:

Cold Drawing Facilities

SSFL has three cold drawing lines from Italy, Germany and Spain with a total capacity of 10,000 MT per month.  The drawing size output is from 16mm to 4mm in plain or ribbed wire.

Six Cutting Lines

The total cutting capacity is 12,000 MT per month and all cutting lines are from both Germany and Italy. The large cutting capacity provides SSFL with the flexibility to execute orders more efficiently than their competitors with very low turn around times.

Fire fighting Bays

The large bespoke built fire fighting facility includes over 300 meters of over-specified water pipes with an automatic sprinkler system that is sensitive to heat and smoke. In rare cases of power failure, the SSFL power system has an autonomous mode that runs on generator power.

Automatic Shutter Doors

In case of inclement weather such as rainfall, sandstorms or heavy fog the SSFL warehouse has automatic shutter doors that effectively control the warehouse environment, reducing humidity and temperature variation. The automatic shutter system protects the finished material by mitigating rust effects and it provides a safer workspace for SSFL employees.

Water Chilling System:

All production systems and drawing pittini cassettes are water chilled to 10 degrees Celsius. The cold water preserves machine integrity and it ensures that the breakdowns occur less frequently.

Smart Factory

The SSFL factory aspires to be the first cold rolling factory in the region that can be classified as a “smart factory”, a goal that it aims to achieve by December 2021. The criteria is listed below:

  • 100% Wifi coverage of the total plot area

  • Live tracking of raw material consumption and receipt.

  • Live tracking of production and wastage

  • Individual production metrics for all workers in order to better assess performance and improve plant efficiency.